COVER: A c. 1880 mirror-topped dresser by Herter Brothers in the master bedroom of a house in the Hudson valley decorated in the aesthetic movement style. Photograph by Peter Aaron.



Going Wilde

A museum curator creates his own personal period rooms in an aesthetic movement Shangri-la in the Hudson valley
Barry R. Harwood

Sunny dispositions

A new exhibition at the Met examines the glad spirits of the impressionists and others en plein air
James Gardner

Here there be dragons

An exhibition at the Morgan Library explores the meaning of monsters in medieval manuscripts
Sherry C. M. Lindquist and Asa Simon Mittman

Eminent Victorian

One of Britain’s most beguiling treasures, Wightwick Manor exemplifies the artful tastes and inviting comforts of late nineteenth-century country life
Barrymore Laurence Scherer

Breaking new ground

Picturing Mississippi at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson and a related exhibition at Tougaloo College are events in museum history as much as landmarks in the state’s history
Elizabeth Pochoda